“Anatomy Mastermind”

The postgraduate quiz intends to provide the participants the stimulus to think out of the box, and to expand and challenge their knowledge about the concepts in human anatomy and research.

Terms and Conditions:

    Any student pursuing/ completed their masters in Anatomy is eligible to participate

    Proof of ongoing/ complete postgraduate course needs to be provided.

    You will be required to provide your name, email address, mobile number, designation and affiliation.

    Once submitted an entry cannot be withdrawn.

    Multiple entries from the same participant will not be considered, only first entry of the participant will be utilized for preparing the list of finalists and the rest will be discarded.

    Entries that are lost, late or incomplete due to technical errors will not be the responsibility of the organizer.

    Quiz comprises of a preliminary round followed by the finale.

    Preliminary round will be used as a screening round for selection of finalists for the finale.

    Preliminary quiz will be available for all participants for the mentioned time in which they will be asked questions from gross anatomy, neuroanatomy, microanatomy, developmental anatomy, genetics and a basic understanding of biomedical research. Questions shall be randomly picked from the same.

    The participants shall be watchful and alert to the information regarding the rule and regulations about the quiz posted from time to time.

    Detailed instructions for the pattern of the preliminary quiz, timing, rules and regulations will be shared on the 26th of December.